FBR/07 - Portugal and Iceland: investigating biodiversity and world changes together

PDP 07 - Portugal and Iceland: investigating biodiversity and world changes together

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University of Iceland, Iceland.

Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, Iceland.

RIF Field Station, Iceland.

Southwest Iceland Nature Research Centre, Iceland.

EEA Grants: 7 450,00 €

Total Amount: 7 450,00 €

Grace Code: PT-BI104

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The project "Portugal and Iceland: United for Biodiversity" brought together the newspaper Público and four Icelandic scientific institutions with the aim of showcasing the connections between Portugal and Iceland in the development of scientific knowledge focused on biodiversity and environmental changes that the world is facing.

These connections were demonstrated through reports that followed six Portuguese researchers working in Iceland in these areas. The goal was also to help readers understand how these changes are affecting everyone and how collaborative work between different countries, scientists, and research centers is essential to develop this type of scientific knowledge, crucial for all our futures.

A set of reports in text, photography, and video were produced and published in Público starting from July 31, 2022 (Sunday) and every Saturday thereafter until September 10, 2022. The publication of the last report was accompanied by the launch of an aggregator page, which has been available to all Público readers since then, compiling all the works (https://www.publico.pt/azul/islandia-terra-do-gelo).

The project allowed for the dissemination of collaborative work between Portuguese researchers and host institutes in Iceland. Additionally, it served as a means of outreach to other national academics about the possibilities of developing their work in Iceland, if justified.