FBR/09 - Benchmarking towards digital transformation in business registry

PDP 09 - Benchmarking towards digital transformation in business registry

Promoter: IRN - Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado, I.P.


The Brønnøysund Register Centre - Norway

EEA Grants: 12 369,48 €

Total Amount: 12 369,48 €

Grace Code: PT-BI110


What did this initiative focus on?

This bilateral initiative aims to consolidate a relationship between central government registration agencies from Portugal and Norway, based on a joint effort to share information on topics of mutual interest such as legal frameworks, work experiences and processes, technological solutions, and administrative practices in the field of business registry.

The objective is to promote cooperation to obtain valuable insights that can be applied to improve national registration systems and simplify cross-border policies. Therefore, united by a common vision, the enrichment of expertise in the field of business registry is expected to be achieved in both countries. The initiative is primarily based on the mutual exchange of best practices and know-how about business registry in public administration among selected national experts, to learn from each other's actions, concepts, doctrines, and successful use cases.

It is worth noting that trust in business registration plays a fundamental role in reducing economic and social disparities. Legal certainty reduces investment risks and promotes long-term stability; a robust legal framework enhances investors' belief in the rule of law.

Portugal and Norway can benefit from sharing best practices and lessons learned in the field of business registry to strengthen bilateral relations.