Beethoven in the Age of AI


The initiative TransVariations – Music beyond the limits of time and technology, funded by EEA Grants and which will start on April 12-14 in Trondheim (Norway), proposes a change of paradigm regarding the artistic approach, advocating the updating of ideas and resources in function of a reconfiguration of the past.

In the context of Western-Art Music, performance has been intimately linked to interpretation based on the idea of authenticity in relation to a certain musical text.

Technology normally remains circumscribed to the selected contemporary context of composition in music, while the performance of non-contemporary works perpetuates conventional historical languages, which are nevertheless technologically outdated with respect to the use of innovative resources for understanding the past.

The main objective of the initiative is to problematize the relationship between interpretation and artistic creation in the context of Western-Art Music through the development and use of innovative technological resources.

The specific objectives are: 1) to promote the (re)creation of past artistic works and the production of new artistic outputs through the use of contemporary languages based on experimentation with technological interfaces; 2) to provide the testing and improvement of new technologies related to artistic creation; 3) to reshape the idea of expressivity in music through the interaction between human performative actions and instrumental feedback; and 4) to disseminate new resources, technological tools and practical related strategies for artistic interpretation and creation in music.

The project is coordinated by Alfonso Benetti (University of Aveiro/Inet-MD, Portugal) and includes the artist-researchers Øyvind Brandtsegg, Trond Engum (Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, Norway), and Francisco Monteiro (Porto Polytechnic Institute, Portugal).