Codfish Architecture

2017 057 81 F Pesca Do Bacalhau Medium

Funded by EEA Grants Portugal through the Bilateral Relations Fund, Centro Cultural de Belém/Garagem Sul organises a debate bridging Portugal’s and Norway’s fishing and built environment cultures

Codfish Architecture will trace research currently in progress at Universidade do Minho’s School of Architecture and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

The debate will focus on the thriving ties between marine ecosystems and built environment and will allow us to understand how port cities and territories have changed according to fishing practices, technological processing procedures, and the human impact in marine ecosystems.

For this exchange programme, lectures will be hosted in the two countries, and the outcome will be published in a new edition of Cadernos da Garagem.

Expanding on Our Land  Is the Sea, this exhibition will be on display at Garagem Sul until January 17, 2021.


*Photo - Unloading codfish to the freezers of Comissão Reguladora do Comércio de Bacalhau, Porto, undated. Courtesy of Museu Municipal de Etnografia e História da Póvoa de Varzim