Cooperation between Portugal and Norway for the study of offshore wind turbines

Offshore Cartaz EN 169

Through funding from the EEAGrants Bilateral Relations Fund, this project aims to improve the knowledge on Floating Offshore Wind Turbines by using high fidelity models to predict turbine performance in the challenging floating offshore conditions.

This initiative, establishes a partnership between blueOASIS, a Portuguese start-up with expertise in numerical modelling applied to ocean sustainability, and SINTEF Ocean, a Norwegian research institute focused on research and innovations related to the ocean space.

In may 2023, members of blueOASIS will participate in a staff exchange meeting at the SINTEF Ocean, to discuss the technical scope and work to be carried out. The resulting work will be published in scientific papers and presented in a final open workshop to be held in october 2023 at Ericeira.

During this workshop additional partnerships will be proposed to continue developing the work carried out so far, with the ultimate objective of improving the knowledge on the numerical modelling of floating wind turbines.

This initiative follows the Portuguese Government ambitious announcement of a 10GW target in floating wind for 2030, showing a strong commitment to the development of floating wind turbines to explore the vast potential of offshore wind in Portuguese waters.