COOPERATIVE! A bilateral initiative not to be missed!

COOPERATIVE! A bilateral initiative not to be missed!

The study of Human Factors, applied to Connected, Cooperative and Autonomous Vehicles is the starting point for the bilateral initiative between Portugal and Norway of the Bilateral Relations Fund.

This May marks the beginning of the COOPERATIVE initiative: Identifying human factors challenges in connected, cooperative, and automated vehicles use-cases, promoted by the Centro de Computação Gráfica (CCG) in Portugal, in partnership with the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) in Norway as partner.

The initiative aims to promote knowledge exchange, dissemination and future cooperation between the two institutions in the field of Human Factors applied to Connected, Cooperative and Automated Vehicles (CCAV).

The initiative is motivated by recent advances in the field of connected and automated driving, which are expected to deeply transform our mobility landscape with foreseeable benefits in terms of safety, traffic efficiency and urban space occupation.

However, this technological evolution raises important issues regarding human-machine interaction that must be tackled to ensure an appropriate balance between human control and automation.

CCG and IFE are R&D Institutions working at the forefront of the human-machine interaction discipline. Both cooperate closely with major industrial players of their respective countries and internationally, to understand how human behavior is affected by automation and how the relation between human and machine can be improved.

This initiative is aimed at establishing an institutional cooperation between the two institutions. It will seek to identify the most pressing challenges in human interaction with CCAVs, promoting knowledge exchange and dissemination and the establishment of a collaborative research roadmap for the future.

Several activities are planned, the most important one being:

  • Three workshops (Guimarães and Halden)
  • An online seminar with relevant stakeholders
  • The preparation of two white papers
  • Joint participation on a major conference, taking place in Portugal

The initiative will strengthen the institutional relations between CCG and IFE and reach out the broader research, industry, and regulatory communities, as well as the general public. We expect this effort will improve CCG’s and IFE’s ability to tackle the challenges raised by human-machine interaction in CCAVs, strengthening their role as reference R&D institutions in their respective countries and in Europe.