CoSki Project promotes training and knowledge sharing between Portugal and Norway

Cosky Hdr

In the scope of this project, Zinaída Shakel went to Tromsø, Norway, for a one-month scientific exchange.

The visit of Zinaída Shakel, PhD student of the PhD Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Porto, contributed to strengthen the partnership between REQUIMTE, FFUP (Portugal) and The Artic University of Norway (Norway), through the sharing of knowledge and the implementation of study models.

The collaboration with the research group of the partner entity in Norway allowed to evaluate the permeation profile in a human skin model and in a lipid-based skin barrier model. The data obtained were analysed and will be compared with the results in pig skin models, to be carried out in Portugal.

The final goal will be to disseminate the data and jointly publish this study in a scientific journal of the area. In the future, it will be possible to choose the most adequate model to carry out the development of formulations according to their characteristics.

The CoSki project - Collaborative Initiative for Skin Research, is funded by the EEA Grants Bilateral Relations Fund, which supports initiatives between Portugal, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The project aims to contribute to the pre-clinical evaluation of the development of trans-dermal formulations by evaluating four mimetic skin models.