Dis/Connect promoted an international workshop and presented its first results

Captura De Ecrã 2021 11 17, Às 09.26.16

People from Portugal and Norway bear striking similarities when disconnecting from digital media.

In the ongoing studies under Dis/Connect, presented on 17th and 19th of November, ordinary people were found to struggle to disconnect while maintaining their social responsibilities, and that they accept some norms about digital media use and criticize others.

The presentation on the first results of the Youth and Locations studies in Portugal and Norway took place in the Comparative Research in Media Studies international workshop, which was promoted online to Portuguese and international PhD students and early career researchers.

The 25 participants had the opportunity to attend to lectures on comparative research and discuss their ongoing research projects with members of Dis/Connect from CICANT, Universities of Oslo and Bergen, and CRC-W – Catholic University of Portugal.