EXPO-GREEN intends to assess occupational exposure to microbiologic risks of waste management workers.

EXPO-GREEN started in May and will last 18 months and intends to contribute to the microorganisms occupational exposure assessment of waste management workers.

The Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon - School of Health Technology (IPL-ESTeSL) and the National Institute of Occupational Health of Norway (STAMI) collaborate on a bilateral initiative, funded by the EEA Grants, namely “Exposure and health effects of bioaerosols in green professions - EXPO-Green”.

The initiative, submitted by the professor and researcher Carla Viegas from IPL-ESTeSL, will implicate several activities such as the collection of environmental samples in the waste management industry in Norway, the comparison of data between samples from both countries, and the knowledge communication and dissemination.

This information will be useful to support future regulatory measures aimed at minimizing occupational exposure and, consequently, occupational diseases.

Timeline of the project is being set and it is expected that in September environmental sampling will begin in the Norwegian industries.

Two seminars are also planned, one in Portugal and the other in Norway, aiming to clarify the goals and expected results of the initiative.