First meeting of the PractiMent Project National Working Group

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Regarding the PractiMent initiative (Initial Teacher Education - Practice and Mentoring), funded by the EEA Grants Fund for Bilateral Relations, the first meeting of the National Working Group was held on 8 May 2023, at 10h30.

The meeting, aimed to present the project’s general framework, expected outcomes and planned activities, was also an opportunity to collect the national partners contributions for its development.

In general terms, this bilateral initiative aims to make a comparative analysis of the initial teacher education models in Portugal, Norway and Iceland, with special focus on the supervised practice component, or internship.

The project also envisages to examine the role that local CPD structures, like the Portuguese CFAEs, may come to play as regards: i) the process of socialization and insertion of newly qualified teachers in the teaching career and in schools overall organisation; ii) the development of new collaborative and intergenerational work strategies, which are considered essential for the renewal of teachers practices, given the challenges that emerge from the digitalization of the teaching and learning processes.

The meeting was organised and facilitated by the Interdisciplinary Projects and Training Team of the Directorate General for School Administration.

Besides the elements of EPIF, Lília Vicente, Fernando Alexandre and Maria José Barrela, Olga Morouço, director of CFAE LeiriMar, and Elisabete Gomes, teacher at the ESE of Setúbal, also participated in the meeting. The national working group will also include a representative from the University of Aveiro, the teacher Vânia Carlos, who could not be present due to agenda issues.