Future Planning: from environmental discourse to practice

Future Planning: from environmental discourse to practice

The Future Planning initiative, co-financed by the EEA Grants Bilateral Relations Fund, is developed in Portugal in a partnership between ASPEA (Portuguese Association of Environmental Education), the Municipality of Lousada, and Norway, with Bryne's School for Green Development.

The aims of Future Planning project aims is to  involve local educators and policy makers ,promoting the debate on good and effective management of the territory, encouraging decision-making, in order to reduce the gap between environmental discourse and its translation into actions.

  • Goals:
    • Sharing experiences and practices   with respect to  sustainable land management in an environmentally responsible and socially just way
    • Strengthen a theoretical framework updated in the light of current knowledge with a view to its translation into consolidated and effective practices, based on shared experiences;
    • Foster dialogue between educators and environmental and territory professionals in their work to train citizens sensitized to environmental issues with territorial expression.

  • Activities:

This bilateral initiative will organize two training courses, one in Portugal and one in Norway, empowering participants for environmentally responsible and socially fair territorial planning, providing them with specialized and eminently practical knowledge, providing useful resources to implement better land management policies, focusing on the environment and spatial planning at local level.

    • 1st Training Event in Bryne (Norway) in November 2021
      Its main goal is to present different perspectives of Territory Sustainability and development with a focus on environmental issues, including a practical component and "hands-on".

    • 2nd Training Event, in Lousada (Portugal), in December 2021.
      It includes theoretical and practical sessions on the theme addressed by the project, field visits and a Final Conference.

To support this bilateral iniciative there will be  production of a video for Youtube : “Environment without filters”. A video that wants several actors of our society to offer their individual contribution, with regard to good practices to be applied in the management of the territory.

The project will be concluded, in January with a publication – e-book, which calls for good practice initiatives in local policies for planning and management of the territory, which are referenced by the entities involved in the project.

The project of the Municipality of Lousada - "Integrated rehabilitation of the Vilar Forest: from tourist enjoyment to sustainability" is already registered as a good environmental practice. which is based on the materialisation of a set of integrated and innovative interventions, with a view to valuing the region's natural cultural heritage, the diversification and qualified complement of the tourism offer, the awareness and information of the public on matters of nature conservation and sustainability, and the enhancement of the local social landscape, by linking tourism promotion with local communities


Photo credits: Municipality of Lousada