Hymeneaus Project | Improving legal response and access to the law for victims of domestic violence

Hymeneaus Hdr

On the 14th of April, Project Hymeneaus - Improving legal response and access to the law for victims of domestic violence, an initiative funded by the Bilateral Relations Fund of the EEA Grants, began.

The Hymeneaus Project will have a one-year duration and proposes to develop a comparative work of the legislation in the area of domestic violence, in force in Portugal and Norway, in order to improve the legal response, especially penal, to this serious social problem, both in Portugal and Norway.

The initiative aims to propose, to the competent authorities, legislative changes and public policies.

A second strand of this project aims to facilitate the access to justice for victims of domestic violence, by raising the awareness of the entities and professionals who come into contact with these victims, namely by simplifying the language, so that the meaning of the technical-legal terms can be effectively understood by the victims, allowing them to fully exercise their rights in the course of criminal proceedings for domestic violence.

This Project is developed by the Law Faculty - Oporto School - of the Portuguese Catholic University, in partnership with the Law Faculty of the University of Bergen.

At the end of the initiative, these results and suggestions will be disseminated to the scientific community, and the general public in Portugal and Norway, as well as to the legislative and executive powers of the two countries.