Mapping out: an cutting-edge initiative looking at movements anti-migrant in Portugal

Mapping out: an cutting-edge initiative looking at movements anti-migrant in Portugal

Sponsored by the Bilateral relations fund, Cies-Iscte joins Prio ground-breaking project to investigate the spread of mobilization against migrants in Europe.

The Center for Research and Studies in Sociology (Cies-Iscte), Portugal, will be part of the ‘Mobilization Against Migration’ project, led by PRIO, Norway, by incorporating the Portuguese case to its analysis. Thais França (Cies-Iscte) is in charge of the initiative in Portugal.

The initiative is part of a wider transnational collaboration led by Kristian Berg Harpviken (PRIO) that looks at contemporary European anti-immigration movement in Norway, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK, and Portugal analyzing their transnational dynamics and its impact on their national migration agendas

"Mapping Out” aims at expanding the knowledge on the Portuguese anti-immigrant movement, following MAM’s threefold analytical focus:

  • interaction (forms and consequences);
  • framing (political-ideological underpinnings)
  • and 3) outcomes (on migration policies).

To ensure knowledge transfer, dissemination of the results and foster future collaboration between the two institutions, key activities are planned:

  • Two study visits to Norway
  • One training school for PhD students
  • One policy brief section with policy makers and experts on the topic
  • A final conference in Portugal

“Mapping out!” seeks to provide evidence-based policy recommendations and to facilitate the connection between research and practice in the field of migration governance.
As studies on anti-immigrant movements in Portugal are scant, it will open the research field within the national agenda.

Lastly, “Mapping Out!” aims to establish a vibrant, self-sustaining collaboration between Cies-Iscte and PRIO, contributing to boost the partnership between Portugal and Norway.