Matchmaking: On Board Meeting - Culture

This meeting aims to promote the co-creation of projects, and partnerships under the call "Local Development through Safeguarding and Revitalization of Coastal Cultural Heritage", which will be launched on September 5th.

The "On Board Meeting" intends to encourage the discussion of ideas, the sharing of experiences and knowledge and the development of common goals between partners.

This meeting will consist of matchmaking and pitching sessions, preceded by communications about coastal cultural heritage preservation, its value for the social and economic revitalization of local communities, and bilateral cooperation in the cultural projects.

A heritage visit to the Sesimbra Fortress of Santiago, as an example of a success story on communities engagement and participation on cultural heritage protection and valorization, will be held on the second day of the meeting.

For the meeting organization, DGPC as Programme Operator counts with Sesimbra City Council, the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the Icelandic Center for Research.

The registration for the meeting can be accomplished by filling the application form (for promotor or partner), and must be submitted in Portuguese and English to the email:

Event subject to registration and space capacity.

Deadline for submission of applications: 30th of August 2019 at 11.59 pm.

Check Program.

Application documents: