Coastal Cultural Heritage: Reflect for better Preservation

Coastal Cultural Heritage: Reflect for better Preservation

On July 5th, after the 10 am newscast, listen to a conversation about the importance of Coastal Cultural Heritage, broadcast on the radio program “Encontros com o Património”.

This radio program is promoted in partnership between the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage and TSF Rádio Notícias, and is attended by the Head-Deputy of the Culture Program of the EEA Grants Portugal, Filipa Neto; the Researcher at the Aveiro University, Filomena Martins; a geographer from ADEPE - Association for the Development of Peniche, Mónica Chalabardo; and the Head of the Sines Museum, Ricardo Estevam Pereira.

The importance of safeguarding and enhancing the identity of coastal communities, as a testimony to a living heritage that is constantly evolving, interconnected with the environment and the sea, and conditioned to the dynamics of societies will be discussed. Due to its traditional characteristics and geographical location, it is currently at risk of loss, and therefore it’s preservation a priority for the future.

The financial incentive of projects that promote cultural entrepreneurship and heritage conservation, such as the Culture Program funds, through the Open Call: Local development through the Safeguarding and Revitalization of Coastal Cultural Heritage, potentiate new opportunities for the sustainable development of territories, the communities empowerment, the bilateral cooperation strengthening, and thus the improvement of populations quality of life.

This Program will be repeated on July 6th, starting at 11 pm.

see here some moments of the recording.