Ciência Viva Salt Farm- Cooperation, safeguard and innovation

Ciência Viva Salt Farm

Promoter: Figueira da Foz Municipality


VilVite, Bergen Science Center

Ciência Viva - Agência Nacional para a Cultura Ciêntífica e Tecnológica

Universidade de Coimbra

EEA Grants: 833.882,65

Total Amount: 981.038,41



With the aim of enhancing the traditional salt production in Figueira da Foz, namely the Corredor da Cobra Salt Pond (Salina do Corredor da Cobra) complex, the Municipality has actively participated, since 2000, in projects and initiatives of European programmes on the issue of conservation of traditional salt ponds. Despite the effort, and after 10 years of development of the dissemination project of the Corredor da Cobra Salt Pond, there are many weaknesses, so it is urgent to develop the intervention project - called "Ciência Viva Salt Farm- Cooperation, safeguard and innovation - Cooperation, safeguard and innovation". This project focuses on the conservation, rehabilitation and revitalization of the coastal cultural heritage associated with the Corredor da Cobra Salt Pond, located in a transitional area between land and sea, in the Municipality of Figueira da Foz, through partnerships capable of actively boosting the resources of the Coastal Cultural Heritage of Figueira da Foz.

The operational criteria of this project are parameterized in two key points:

  • Contribute: to the operational sustainability, namely through job creation, organizations empowerment, increasing the number of visitors, diversify audiences and strengthening cultural entrepreneurship;
  • Create: conditions for the promotion of research and co-creation, the success of which is essential to create the ownership and the trust necessary to ensure the return of visitors, the increase of partnerships in the development of content and activities and the increase in invitations to integrate innovation and co-creation projects.