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Município de Funchal

Centro de Artes e do Espetáculo de Viseu

EEA Grants: 381.293,00

Total Amount: 448.580,00


INSUL’arts seeks to create a new artistic and cultural dynamism in the Autonomous Region of Madeira through the development of a programmatic offer in contemporary arts. Based on an awareness of the island concept, Madeira is a Portuguese island territory and as such suffers from all the social, economic, logistical and cultural constraints that are characteristic of these spaces. The access to mainland territory is closed, not only because of its poor and expensive access to air transportation, but also due to the distance that makes it difficult to have alternative and logistically efficient means of transport. “Ser Ultraperiférico” (“To be Ultraperipheral”) is a social and cultural trace of the Madeiran population and life, which occupies in its spirit a feeling of unreachability and inaccessibility. The steep mountains and the extensive sea that make up the landscape of this beautiful island, is embodied in its population austerity and lack of opportunities.

INSUL’arts emerges as a rupture from this austerity, having in its foundations:

  1. Equality and participation: enjoyment of shows and artistic activities by the populations living in peripheral spaces within the Island;
  2. Training and sustainability: development and training of young artists and regional structures to work in the arts and culture nationally and internationally, fostering artistic employability in insular spaces;
  3. Creation and transformation: contributing to the transformation and future of the insular space in an ideal place for work, professionalization and artistic consumption, aiming at bringing together the arts and closer to the different social, educational and cultural systems that exist in the territory.

INSUL’arts seeks to redesign the island and its artistic dynamics, having art as a guiding principle along with the uniqueness of each individual and locality as an essential element in the construction of a culturally proactive Madeiran identity with opportunities for the future where the arts occupy a new centrality.