Promoter: Anda&Fala - Cultural Association


North Norwegian Art Centre / LIAF

Cycle Music and Art Festival

LungA Art Festival

Município de Ponta Delgada

EEA Grants: 326.389,69

Total Amount: 383.987,87


TEMPORADAS (seasons in Portuguese) is a programming project for vaga - a new cultural space in Ponta Delgada. It aims to organize and present new art projects and expand references in the broad field of arts and foster collaborations between artists, agents, and organizations in the Azores and in relation to other geographies, specifically Iceland and Norway. TEMPORADAS will be the context for a practical exercise on curatorial models and processes of commonality and shared agency, assuming vaga as a place of experimentation for future formats.

The TEMPORADAS programs are developed in continuity (time) and in expansion (territory) based on the geographic and cultural context of the island of São Miguel. They will happen throughout two years (2022-2023) and will present four different seasons, each with a duration of three months. Co-curated with artistic partners NNKS (Norway), LungA Festival (Iceland) and Cycle (Iceland), each TEMPORADA invites a group of artists to explore an anchor theme, which unfolds in a program of activities that will include exhibitions, installations, performances, meetings, investigation and research; while also allowing for spontaneous programming contexts that are able to respond to the stimuli of the moment and to the encounters and synergies that will arise between participants.

The activities of the first three TEMPORADAS, will be accompanied by LABTEMPO - a collective of young people resident on the island of São Miguel. They will develop tools, question means and models of production and creation, and be challenged to co-curate, think and develop the final and fourth TEMPORADA.

The programming and activities in each TEMPORADA are organized into three phases. The first moment intends to introduce the agents involved (local and foreign), contextualizing their work, allowing for sharing of aesthetic/visual references and mediation opportunities. After, collaborative processes initiate through artistic residencies and research for new projects (built among multiple agents). In the final phase, results and new creations - developed in residence and throughout the TEMPORADA - will be shared with the public, as well as the associated programs that contextualize processes and value authors and participants.

Each TEMPORADA will be based on a central reflection: #1 - Invisible Architectures aims to map power relations and social/material dynamics with the stories of the place; #2 Atlantic Codes explores cultural, economic, travel, and domination codes of the Atlantic, using language in its various forms; #3 Future Islands evokes alternative models of society, speculating on space economies, ecology, and social relations; #4 - TBD, a season to bring the future into the present with the LABTEMPO participants.

TEMPORADAS is a project by Anda&Fala - Cultural Association, supported by the Connecting Dots - Artistic Mobility and Audience Development program of the EEA GRANTS fund, in a strategic partnership and co-financed by the Municipality of Ponta Delgada.