Action for the removal of invasive alien species

Invasive plants grow and multiply uncontrollably occupying the space of the typical plants of our territory, so the knowledge and identification of these harmful species to ecosystems is the first step to prevent their spread. All actions count. During one morning, we invite everyone to actively contribute to the control of invasive exotic species present in the Marquês de Pombal Recreational Farm, which are one of the main threats to native biodiversity. At the end, participants will receive a Pocket Guide to Invasive Alien Species.

This activity is part of the project "More Pollinators, More Biodiversity in the Municipality of Oeiras", funded by EEAGrantsPT

Recommendations: Bring water, a snack and wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the weather conditions expected for the day.

More information and registration: Free participation but subject to registration limit through the Environmental Management Division - Oeiras Municipality - Tel: 21 097 7459 |