Communication is an integral part of the implementation of the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Programme, the aim of which is to ensure a good environmental condition of our ecosystems and to promote the proper and timely implementation of adaptation and mitigation measures for climate change. The Programme will contribute to achieving overall objectives such as the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area (contributing to the economic and social convergence of Portugal) and to the strengthening of bilateral relations and cooperation with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

Here you will find the most relevant results achieved by each of the Projects, funded by the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Programme. It is intended, therefore, to expand as much as possible the dissemination of the progress of the projects / operations, in view of the expected results. The technical and scientific results obtained by the projects are systematized in specific goals contributing to public awareness, increased visibility, providing information and disseminating activities, products, and practices in a transparent way, as a continuous process.



Project Results

Circular Buildings



(De)construct for Circular Economy



Estratégia Municipal de Adaptação às Alterações Climáticas do Concelho de Almodôvar

Fishing the Plastic

To mark the National Day of the Sea, 11/16/2020, commemorative date of the "United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea", which entered into force on November 16, 1994 and was ratified by Portugal in 1997, BUSINESS as NATURE(BasN), released the short film #fishingtheplastic, produced and directed by A TOCA.




Regulation of the deposit system

National Roadmap For Adaptation 2100



Sustainable Value

Development of the Type I environmental labeling program, including the selection of product categories, environmental criteria and functional characteristics of the products, allows evaluating and demonstrating the conformity of a product for more sustainable construction, according to the procedures adopted based on ISO 14024 :2018 for certification and attribution of the label.

You can consult HERE the requirements for obtaining the label.

Presentation of Sustainable Value

There's River and Sea, There's Waste to Transform

Viver o Clima no Baixo Alentejo