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- Norwegian University of Science and Technology

EEA Grants: 248 681,98

Total Amount: 292 567,03

Grace Code: PT-ENVIRONMENT-0026


Digitalization trends in the construction sector point to processes and technologies that promote the systematization, aggregation, management, tracking and maintenance of the information about constructed objects as well as the construction products that compose them.

The systematization of data and its conversion into information blocks must take into account the needs of those involved in the construction process as well as the construction life cycle phases.

It is imperative for the dynamics of circular economy in the construction sector to ensure the circularity of information about build objects and its elements.

Data Templates are standardized and interoperable metadata structures with the capability of responding to the abovementioned needs, contributing to the effective implementation of more circular, more efficient and environmentally friendly practices.

The GrowingCircle project aims to raise awareness among agents, through training/dissemination actions for the (fundamental ... core ... essential ...) role of Data Templates and evidence their impact through practical implementation in specific case studies.

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