SECClasS - Sustainability Enhanced Construction Classification System


Promoter: ISCTE - IUL


- Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, I.P.

- Universidade do Minho

- A-lab AS

- Norte Magnético - Reabilitação e Investimentos Imobiliários, Lda

EEA Grants: 219 579,10

Total Amount: 258 328,35

Grace Code: PT-ENVIRONMENT-0029


This project aims to stimulate the circular economy by introducing a Sustainability Enhanced Construction Information Classification System (CICS) to be used by Portuguese-speaking building designers, contractors and managers. It will allow the unification of terminology at all scales, facilitating communication between agents and supporting material and component selection and accurate assessment of the building's impacts over the life cycle in all dimensions. The ultimate goal is to improve buildings’ performance and to reduce waste through the use of digital tools that provide informed management and selection of construction material s and elements.

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