Applying Circular Economy Principles to the Construction Sector: Mid-term event "Environment Programme"

The seminar entitled "Applying Circular Economy Principles to the Construction Sector - Sharing some results: Mid-term event 'Environment Programme'" will take place on 19 October. The event aims to present the results achieved by pilot projects that have applied circular economy principles to the construction sector.

The seminar will start at 9.30am at the Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station in Lisbon.

During the event, experiences and lessons learned from the implementation of pilot projects funded by EEA Grants under the "Environment Programme" will be shared. These projects are aimed at the practical application of circular economy principles in the construction sector, promoting sustainability and efficiency in the use of resources.

The circular economy is an approach that aims to optimise the use of materials and resources, reducing waste and promoting recycling and reuse. Its application in the construction sector is key to minimising environmental impact and fostering long-term sustainability.

This seminar will provide a space for participants to share knowledge and good practices, promoting the dissemination of the results achieved and encouraging the adoption of more sustainable practices in the construction sector.