Capacity Building in Adaptive Pastoral Management - Module 1

This is a training action of the Territorial Programme +SOLO +VIDA in "Adaptive Grazing Management" that will take place over two weekends and will start already this month, on the following dates and locations:

Module 1 - Introduction to Holistic Management - March 23 and 24 - at the ADPM headquarters in Mértola.

Module 2 - Advanced Pasture Planning - 14th and 15th April - at the Centre for Landscape Interpretation in Amendoeira da Serra.

This course is free of charge through registration until March 19, through this link. It is aimed at livestock farmers and technicians who provide advice in the Guadiana Valley Natural Park.

Objectives: The adaptive grazing management is a livestock management model that can be implemented in pastures with livestock under extensive grazing.

This measure has beneficial results in increasing farm productivity, soil conservation and increasing biodiversity (learn more on page 68 of the Manual on Adapting the Montado to Climate Change, available here).