Closing Session - (Des)Construir para a Economia Circula

We invite all to attend the Closing Session of the (Des)Construir para a Economia Circula Project, funded by the Environment Program through EEA Grants.

The closing session will take place in Auditorium 2 of the IPBeja - Instituto Politécnico de Beja (School of Education).


14:00h - Welcome Reception of Participants
14:30h - Opening
Fernando Rombo, First Secretary of CiMBAl (Intermunicipal Community of Baixo Alentejo)
14:45h - The (Des)Construir Para a Economia Circular project
Fernando Rombo, First Secretary of CIMBAL (Intermunicipal Community of Baixo Alentejo)
15:00h - Initiatives to promote the Management of CDW on a local scale
Mário Ramos, FCT NOVA - NOVA School of Science and Technology (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)
15:15h - Material Passport Model
Cristina Rocha, LNEG - National Laboratory for Energy and Geology
15:30h - Pre-demolition audit guide model
Ana Paula Duarte, LNEG - National Laboratory for Energy and Geology
15:45h - Regional Strategy for Reuse of Construction Products and Components
Pedro Sobral, RESIALENTEJO - Treatment and Recovery of Waste, E.I.M
16:00h - Questions and answers / Debate
16:30h - Closing Remarks
Susana Escária, Director of Services for Prospective and Planning (General Secretariat for the Environment)
Rosa Onofre, Director of Spatial Planning Services of CCDR-Alentejo (Alentejo's Coordination and Regional Development Commission)
17:00h - Vidigueira d'Honra