Discovering Wild Bees

This activity aims to present one of the main groups of pollinators, the wild bees. We will learn what they are, what they look like, and where and how we can find them. We will also understand the importance of urban areas as a potential refuge for biodiversity and how we can, through targeted management measures, enhance the conservation of this declining group. We end the activity with the observation and collection of individuals, exemplifying how some of the methodology used in research is carried out.

This activity is part of the project "More Pollinators, More Biodiversity in the Municipality of Oeiras", funded by EEAGrantsPT

Recommendations: Bring water, a snack and wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for the weather conditions expected for the day.

More information and registration: Free participation but subject to registration limit through the Environmental Management Division - Oeiras Municipality - Tel: 21 097 7459 |