Final Seminar of Project Adapta.Local.CIMAC

The Final Seminar of the project Adapta.Local.CIMAC - Planning of Municipal Climate Adaptation in Central Alentejo dedicated to the presentation of the Municipal Plans of Adaptation to Climate Change will take place next June 2nd (Friday), from 09h30 am, in the main Auditorium of the Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of Alentejo (CCDR-A).

The project Adapta.Local.CIMAC - Municipal Climate Adaptation Planning in Central Alentejo has as main goals
-Promote the integration of the Intermunicipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan of Central Alentejo at municipal scale;
-To provide the municipalities of Central Alentejo with a strategic and operational tool for adaptation to climate change that increases local resilience;
-Promote the integration of adaptation to climate change in Territorial Management Instruments;
-Define an operational framework for adaptation to climate change to be implemented until 2030;
-Increase the adaptive capacity of municipalities by promoting the capacity building of municipal technicians in the field of local climate adaptation;
-Increase the sensitivity and preparedness of local and regional actors to deal with the implications of climate change.

And three main components:
-Development of Municipal Plans for Adaptation to Climate Change;
-Training programme in planning and setting up operations for adaptation to climate change;
-Regional and local awareness raising on climate change.

Provisional Programme