Final Workshop "Climate Change Adaptation in Vila Nova de Poiares

On July 4th 2022, at 10:00am, it will take place the Final Workshop for the Presentation of the Vila Nova de Poiares's Municipal Plan of Climate Change Adaptation, in the Centro Cultural de Poiares. 

The final Workshop aims to sensitize, inform and mobilize the population to issues related to Climate Change and solutions to mitigate its effects, and also, to understand the vulnerabilities of the municipality and how to act to promote its resilience. 

The Municipal Plan of Adaptation to Climate Change is a management tool for the territory that includes the definition of lines of action aimed at adaptation and/or mitigation of the effects of Climate Change. 

The project "Climate Change Adaptation in Vila Nova de Poiares" is funded through the Program "Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy" of the Financial Mechanism EEA Grants 2014 - 2021 and the meeting on June 4 aims to be a participatory process for the finalization of the Municipal Plan for Climate Change Adaptation.  

The project "Adaptation to Climate Change in Vila Nova de Poiares" will allow the strengthening of the strategy of Vila Nova de Poiares - continuous and integrated - and has the ultimate goal to minimize and prevent extreme weather events.  

So this will be a work session open to everyone's participation!

Below is the program of the Final Workshop of the project "Adaptation to Climate Change in Vila Nova de Poiares".