Public Presentation Session - CLIMA.AML

The Lisbon Metropolitan Area will promote, on April 19, at 3 pm, at the Environmental Interpretation  Center of Pedra do Sal, in São Pedro do Estoril, the public presentation session of the CLIMA.AML project – Metropolitan Meteorological Monitoring and Alert Network. 

The session is aimed at elected officials, municipal technicians, stakeholders and scientific  researchers, and will serve two purposes: publicize the project platform ( and  mark the beginning of the operationalization and public dissemination of the data from the 18  meteorological stations in all the municipalities of the Lisbon metropolitan area, in real time. 

The CLIMATE.LMA project proposes an integrated solution for meteorological monitoring in an urban  context, in the 18 municipalities of the AML, through an online platform that monitors, evaluates and  makes the collected meteorological data compatible. 

This network will allow knowing the patterns associated with climate change and the impacts on  local communities, working in complementarity with the network of the Portuguese Institute for Sea  and Atmosphere (IPMA, IP). 

CLIMATE.LMA - Metropolitan Meteorological Monitoring and Alert Network, which continues the  Metropolitan Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, is part of the  Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy program, operated by the General  Secretariat Environment and Climate Action, and is funded by EEA Grants 2014-2021.