Webinar #8 – Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

Webinar#8 - Management, Monitoring and Evaluation of the project Adapta.Local.CIMAC - Planning of Municipal Climate Adaptation in Alentejo Central will take place on January 16th.
Webinar#8 is part of the Capacity Building Program on Climate Change Adaptation and is addressed to technicians from the 14 municipalities of Alentejo Central.

The definition of a management, monitoring and evaluation model for each of the Municipal Plans for Adaptation to Climate Change will allow:
• Ensure the regular monitoring of the implementation of the Plans by the municipalities, sharing relevant information, encouraging concertation between actors and supporting promoters in the preparation of applications to the various financial support instruments;
• Carry out the monitoring and evaluation process of the Municipal Plans;
• To evaluate the climatic evolutions, the vulnerabilities and the adaptive capacity in each municipality;
• To identify insufficiencies and obstacles in the implementation of Municipal Plans and to point out measures to overcome them.

The project has a duration of 24 months and it is co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA Grants Portugal). Led by CIMAC, in partnership with CEDRU and International Development Norway, the
project's main objectives are to provide each municipality in Alentejo Central with a
strategic and operational instrument for adaptation to climate change, to train municipal
technicians in the field of climate adaptation and to increase the sensitivity and preparation
of local and regional actors to deal with the implications of climate change.