1st International Conference on Circular Economy in the Construction Sector held in the Azores

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The 1st CIEC edition has come to an end!

The CIECC is the culmination of the long work developed over more than 2 years of the ReBuild17 project, promoted by the Azores Government, through the Regional Civil Engineering Laboratory (LREC), in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Environment and Climate Change (DRAAC), Fibrenamics via Center for Innovation in Materials and Advanced Products (CIMPA) and the Icelandic company @ReSource International ehf.

The 1st edition of CIECC took place at NONAGON - Science and Technology Park of the Azores Autonomous Region.

The Rebuild 17 project comprised an experimental phase in which procedures were defined, validating waste valorization techniques, through its incorporation in new products. During this project some demonstrative models were developed, which were presented on March 17th at the conference.