A Communication Challenge for Environment Programme Projects

A Communication Challenge for Environment Programme Projects

On November 26, the Environment Programme challenged its Project Promoters to submit a proposal for a representative image of their Project

On 26 November, the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Programme, financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism - EEA Grants 2014 - 2021, as part of an online Communication session, challenged its project promoters to develop proposals of representative images of its initiatives within the scope of the EEA Grants Communication Manual and Graphic Standards.

This Challenge, in addition to a first proposal for the project's image, also consisted of presenting the rationale for preparing the image, through a 3-minute pitch session by each promoter.

The Environment Programme compiled all the proposals in an eBook, which aims to make known the work carried out, as well as the description of the respective projects. This collection registers all the commitment and creativity of the Project Promoters of the EEA Grants Environment Programme.

Acess the eBook here.