Artistic installation “Plastic Islands”

Artistic installation “Plastic Islands”

In the World Ocean’s Day was presented to the public, the artistic installation “Plastic Islands”

In the World Ocean’s Day, was presented to the public - a restricted audience due to Covid 19 limitations - the artistic installation “Plastic Islands”, made of 24 spherical structures covered with plastic and other waste.

This is a time metaphor for the 24 hours of the day, during which we can reduce the amount of plastic that we throw into the Oceans.

It is estimated that annually, 8 to 12 million tons of plastic from land-based sources, enter the Oceans.

Visitors encounter  the splendor of art, versus the bitterness of the hundreds of plastic bottles the serve as “raw-material” for this artistic installation, conceived by Bienal of Cerveira, as an awareness action, under LowPlast-  The Art of reducing Plastic -  project.

 It is floating in Minho river, at the idyllic Lenta leisure zone, in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

LowPlast project is financed by EEA Grants and promoted by Vila Nova de Cerveira Municipality - Aquamuseu of Minho river.