Biotriturator demonstrated to students from Braga in the project "Cuidar Braga II".

Biotriturator demonstrated to students from Braga in the project

In an activity included in the project "Cuidar Braga II", Braga City Council performed two actions of awareness and dissemination in Eco Schools EB1 Trigal Santa Maria and EB2/3 of Celeirós, promoting a demonstration of the use of a bio-shredder.

These actions, which took place in a school context, had about 100 participants among teaching staff, parents and students, with the aim of contributing to changing behavior in the disposal of agricultural, forestry and gardening waste through its grinding as an alternative to using fire. 

This behavioral change is intended, on the one hand, to avoid CO2 emissions in the disposal of organic waste, contributing to the decarbonization of the municipality and, on the other hand, to reduce the number of fires caused by uncontrolled burning. 

The product resulting from biotreatment, can be reused as fertilizer, for energy production, or other type of use.

Through an application to EEAGrants, the municipality obtained funding for the installation of a Municipal Center for Biotrituration, which intends to open to the public during the month of April.

It is recalled that the Municipality of Braga provides free of charge, through the Parish Councils, biotriturators to proceed with the destruction of waste. This equipment grinds the waste, reducing it to chips, which can then be incorporated into the soil as natural fertilizer, reused in composting, soil covering or other agricultural and gardening uses.

To have access to this service, the citizens of Braga must have the land previously cleaned and the waste must be ready to be shredded and should contact the parish council to which they belong, and inform themselves of the service of the Biotriturator of the Civil Protection of the Municipality of Braga.

For more information contact the Municipal Division of Civil Protection of the Municipality of Braga, by phone 253 61 60 60.