Call#5 - Contract Signing takes place today

Call#5 - Contract Signing takes place today

Following the event Rising up from Drought Together, held in the municipality of Mogadouro, in the context of the desertification and drought day 2022 that is marked today worldwide with the motto: "Overcoming Drought Together", the contracts of the EEA Grants Portugal Call#5 were signed.

The 4 projects approved through this program, have an impact in disadvantaged, interior and forest areas, considered highly vulnerable to climate change, with the priority objectives of increasing the resilience of forest and burned areas, the resilience of productive systems with oak trees, agroforestry and pastures and increase the resilience of productive systems in these regions.

The session was attended by Alexandra Carvalho, Secretary General of the Environment and Environment Program Operator, as well as representatives of the various supported projects that had the opportunity to present to all present their projects.

Call#5, projects of preparation for extreme weather conditions and risk management in the context of climate change totals an investment of over 1.5 million euros.

See the list of supported projects here.

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