Cascais Smart Pole by Nova SBE a project for sustainability and a carbon neutral future

Cascais Smart Pole by Nova SBE a project for sustainability and a carbon neutral future

Inauguration of Cascais Smart Pole by Nova SBE, the first decarbonization living lab in Cascais, on September 9, 2021 at 6 pm, at Navigator Park in Nova SBE

"Cascais Smart Pole by Nova SBE” will be an urban space for “living-lab” experimentation, in which the interaction and participation of everyone will allow us to move towards carbon neutrality.

It is promoted in an unprecedented consortium led by the Alfredo de Sousa Foundation, together with the Cascais City Council, academia and leading companies at national and international level. It is thus a catalyst for sustainable development and a carbon-neutral future based on entrepreneurship and civic action.

Financed by the EEA Grants Program "Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy", it will develop an innovative “living lab” throughout 36 months where the circular economy, biodiversity, renewable energy, sustainable mobility and local culture come together and form a people-centred hub for a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient future. In other words, to fulfill the ambition of achieving carbon neutrality in the pilot area at Quinta de São Gonçalo, Bairro da Torre and Nova SBE Campus in Carcavelos, with the contribution of all stakeholders.

The ultimate goal of this laboratory is to analyze and act in such a way that everyone who is part of it (residents, tourists, students, and visitors) recognizes the impact of their actions. To this end, it is important to involve all citizens and stakeholders in decision-making and in the implementation of pilot projects, which will result in the reduction of the individual and community's carbon footprint, either by changing behavior or by participating in solutions that direct the community towards carbon neutrality.