Circular EcoBIM Kick-off Webinar

Circular EcoBIM Kick-off Webinar

The Circular EcoBIM project aims to create a set of BIM based tools to enable a circular construction model

The webinar was virtually, via Zoom, on December 10, where were discussed the opportunities of combining BIM with environmental information and describe the proposed digital tools.

Promoting a circular economy in the construction sector implies a life-cycle perspective that integrates options in terms of the choice of material products and the ability to reclaim those products, as well as the energy efficiency of the building. Given the long lifetime of a building, this perspective must be supported by an information system that covers the phases of construction, use, rehabilitation and potential dismantling, which is now viable using BIM platforms.

The CIRCULAR ECOBIM project aims to create a BIM standard type Product Data template, i.e., a data structure for BIM objects, and a set of applications that allow the calculation of building and component circularity passports, integration and development of product EPD and the calculation of LEVEL(S) system indicators for buildings from building models, thus contributing to the implementation of circularity practices in construction.

The project also fits in with the concrete objectives of the MFEEE 2014-202 Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Program, namely for PA11/Goal 1. And Output 1.4. It is still considered as one of the most relevant sectors for the circular economy in PAEC. The project is also framed by the European Construction and Demolition Protocol, a strategic initiative of the EC.

This project has a duration of 24 months and is financed under the Call#2 of the Environment Programme of the EEA Grants, with a total funding of 586.561,00€, of which 469.248,74€ are funded by the EEA Grants and the remaining co financed by the Project Promoter.