Cláudia Borges sets an example in the return of beverage packaging and encourages the circular economy

Cláudia Borges sets an example in the return of beverage packaging and encourages the circular economy

Video promotes a new phase of the projects "Quando do Velho se Faz Novo" and "Bebidas+Circular" promoted by APED/APIAM/PROBEB

The presenter Cláudia Borges and her son Rodrigo are the protagonists of a video to raise awareness of the importance of returning beverage containers, promoted by the projects "Quando do Velho se Faz Novo" and "Bebidas+Circulares", pilot initiatives run by the APED/APIAM/PROBEB consortium, to prepare for the future deposit system for beverage containers to be implemented in Portugal. 

Watch the video here.


Besides showing, in a simple and pedagogical way, how the projects work, the video shows the path of the packaging, from the purchase and consumption to the return in the projects' machines, passing through the collection and different stages of treatment until the new packaging made with recycled PET plastic. The goal is to explain the importance of these projects for the promotion of environmental sustainability and circular economy. 

For Cláudia Borges, "it is increasingly important to encourage recycling and have day-to-day behaviors that protect the environment to offer a better world to future generations. In fact, it is already those generations that are drawing our attention to such urgent issues as the importance of recycling, reuse and environmental protection.  Giving the beverage containers we consume a second chance to become new containers with recycled PET plastic is a simple gesture that benefits everyone and our environment. Talking about these issues with our children is something normal and that I consider essential for the construction of a more structured and active environmental awareness", says the presenter.  

Promoted by the APED/APIAM/PROBEB consortium, with different geographic implementation and specificities in terms of the types of packaging accepted in the machines available in the participating commercial spaces, the initiatives "Quando do Velho se Faz Novo" and "Bebidas+Circular" share the common goal of encouraging and rewarding the return of non-reusable beverage packaging for recycling and incorporation as raw material in the production of new beverage packaging, aiming to promote environmental sustainability through a more circular economy. 

Until the end of June 2022 these initiatives are in a new phase of development, where a points system will be in place. Each package returned is worth one point and users are encouraged to accumulate points that can be exchanged for prizes that encourage sustainable behavior.

In this new phase, we highlight the receipt issued by the machines, which now have a code that indicates the number of points obtained with the returned packages. For each project an online platform was developed, where users can manage the accumulated points. 

All the details of this new phase of development are indicated in the regulations, which are available on each project's site: