Discover Portugal's Natural Wonders in RTP's New Documentary Series: "Biosphere Reserves"

Discover Portugal's Natural Wonders in RTP's New Documentary Series:

RTP will broadcast an exciting documentary series that promises to take viewers on a fascinating journey through Portugal's 12 Biosphere Reserves.

Recognised by UNESCO as natural and cultural treasures, these areas are featured in the new series entitled "Biosphere Reserves", made up of 13 episodes.

The Biosphere Reserves Project, funded by EEA Grants Portugal through the Environment Programme, will give viewers the opportunity to explore the natural and cultural wealth of Portugal's Biosphere Reserves. Each episode of the series will highlight a specific reserve, revealing inspiring stories and deepening understanding of the interconnection between humanity and nature.

Biosphere Reserves, recognised by UNESCO, play a crucial role in preserving biodiversity, promoting sustainable development and harmoniously integrating local communities and the environment. This documentary series not only offers a unique insight into these protected areas, but also highlights the essential work carried out to ensure conservation and long-term sustainability.

The first episode of the "Biosphere Reserves" series will be broadcast on RTP3 next Saturday at 17.35. For those who can't watch it at the original time, they'll have a second chance on Sunday morning on RTP1.

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