Projects to ‘Enhance sustainable development in Biosphere Reserves’

Projects to ‘Enhance sustainable development in Biosphere Reserves’

The Environment Programme will finance with a total allocation of 2,200,000 euros, a project that must cover the 11 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves existing on the date of the publication of this Call.

Through this Call, several categories of actions and materials will be developed becoming working tools for better management of Biosphere Reserves in the national territory in order to value the territories of the Biosphere Reserves as living sustainability laboratories, promoting the quality of life of their inhabitant and in order to increase the visibility, knowledge and management capacity of these spaces through instruments that promote the affirmation and identity of the 11 territories classified as Biosphere Reserves.

Applications must be submitted using for each Call the respective electronic application form and attachments on the EEA Grants website available within the Calls.

The projects to ‘Enhance sustainable development in Biosphere Reserves’ have a total allocation of 2,200,000€.

Under the EEA Grants 2014-2021, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as donor Countries, finance, in 15 Member States of the European Union, initiatives and projects with the objective of reducing social and economic disparities by strengthening bilateral relations with beneficiary Countries.

The Secretary General for Environment and Climate Action (SGMAAC) was appointed Operator of the Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy Programme (Environment Programme), and has as its Programme Partner, Innovation Norway (IN).

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