Get to know the Study Cases of the UAveiroGreenBuilding project

Get to know the Study Cases of the UAveiroGreenBuilding project

The UAveiroGreenBuilding project aims to create a methodology that allows the application of the Sustainability and Circular Economy principles in construction and renovation

This project has the University of Aveiro as promoter and the Sustainable Habitat Cluster in Portugal and the EVRIS Foundation in Iceland as partners. This partnership aims to define an innovative project and a management tool based on the principles of sustainable construction and Circular Economy for the renovation and maintenance of the University.

Study Cases and Application of the Results

The application of the results of the operation will be tested in 5 buildings of the UA, namely the Department of Environment and Planning, the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, the Department of Social, Political and Territory Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and the Central Technical Zone (ZTC).

Interventions in these buildings will mainly consist of carrying out work on the building envelope to be resources-efficient (energy, water and materials). The ZTC will be the main pilot building used for the evaluation of the methodology to be developed, due to its nature and diversified use and for being located in a central area of the UA.

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