Interim event of the Environment Programme - "Applying Circular Economy Principles to the Construction Sector”

Interim event of the Environment Programme -

The Seminar "Applying Circular Economy Principles to the Construction Sector - Sharing some results: Mid-term event 'Environment Programme'" took place on October 19th. During the event, pitch and matchmaking sessions were held within the scope of the principles of circular economy in the construction sector.

The seminar "Applying Circular Economy Principles to the Construction Sector” was held at the Barbadinhos Steam Pumping Station, in Lisbon, where it was possible to learn about experiences arising from the practical application of pilot projects financed by EEA Grants, within the scope of the Environment Programme.

The event promised to be a platform for sharing knowledge and good practices, encouraging the adoption of more sustainable practices in the construction sector and reinforcing the commitment to the circular economy, having started with the Museum Director, Mariana Castro Henriques ; on the part of the Programme Operator, the Secretary General, Marco Rebelo; Karina Asbjørnsen from the Norwegian Embassy in Portugal and Magnar Ødelien, from the Donor Country partner, Innovation Norway.

The presentation session began with Gustavo Saltiel from the World Bank, referring to the main challenges and opportunities in the construction sector, associating the water sector and Inês Santos Costa, from Deloitte, with a presentation on the Circular Economy in Portugal and the main investment opportunities and knowledge sharing.

During the morning session, there were pitches with 3-minute presentations of the projects financed by the Environment Programme regarding the application of circular economy principles in the construction sector, and the presentation of some results from the Environment and Energy Programmes of Beneficiary Countries of EEA Grants.

During the afternoon, matchmaking meetings were held, sharing knowledge and experiences within the scope of the Circular Economy and the application of standards and methodologies in the construction sector.

Maria Mineiro, from the national focal point, the National Management Unit mentioned the future EEA Grants Financing Mechanism, and the closing of the session was carried out by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Pires.

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