Launch of the iREC project

Launch of the iREC project

The iREC project consists of the implementation of a pilot project that encourages citizens to return beverage packages to one of 10 machines distributed in the municipality of Cascais

On the 14th of January, at 10:30 am, in the Market of Vila de Cascais, the launch of the iREC project - Innovate recycling will take place. The objective of this project is to promote behavioral change and the circular economy, since waste has value and can be reintroduced into the economic chain as new products, thus avoiding the consumption of new natural resources.

The idea is to develop a pilot project for the return of beverage packaging (plastic, video and can) with the installation of 10 Reverse Vending Machines in the largest supermarkets in the municipality of Cascais. Users will be able to deposit their packages and receive prizes and / or experiences upon registration in the CityPoints Cascais application.

The effectiveness of this incentive system in the selective collection rate and studying environmental behaviors will be tested, thus producing valuable and unprecedented knowledge to inform decision-making and the transition to the new mandatory recycling system from 2022 onwards.

The project is financed by the EEA Grants under the Call#1 of the Environment Programme, with a total funding of 856.405,19 euros, with the component financed by the EEA Grants being 655.149,97 euros.

Due to the context of the pandemic and consequent restrictions, the event will have a live and a digital component with streaming.

You may assist to the event here.