Launch of the ‘MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +’ project’s promotional video

Launch of the ‘MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +’ project’s promotional video

Since April 27, 2021, 12 collection solutions for empty beverage packaging have been available under the project ‘MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +’, promoted by Mafra City Council.

To encourage citizen participation, a promotional video was launched demonstrating why everyone should participate and how simple it is. Citizens just need to deliver PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans, which should be empty, intact and with legible label, in one of the 12 places where the deposit machines are working: including 6 schools in the municipality and 6 Lidl, Minipreço and Pingo Doce supermarkets (in the case of machines placed near schools).

The correct deposition of these packages directly rewards citizens with €0.02 (for packages less than 0.50 liters) and €0.05 (for packages greater than 0.50 liters and up to 3 liters), which can be used as discount vouchers in one of the supermarkets or in local stores.

Join this project and contribute to the material resources preservation and circular economy.

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The ‘MAFRA Reciclar a Valer +’ project is supported by 756 thousand euros through the Environment Program of the EEA Grants Portugal, a Multiannual Financial Mechanism between the European Economic Area and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.