Lisbon hosted the Environment Programme Matchmaking Event

Lisbon hosted the Environment Programme Matchmaking Event

The Matchmaking event of Environment Programme in Lisbon, dedicated to low carbon solutions, brought together about 50 participants.

The “Matchmaking initiative on the application of innovative low carbon solutions”  took place in Lisbon, on February 13th, with around 50 participants, 12 pitches and more than 30 bilateral meetings between representatives of 22 national entities and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The participants presented solutions, operations and infrastructures to develop, test and demonstrate low-carbon solutions; integration of governance models and awareness and information campaigns on business opportunities and adoption of sustainable / low carbon behaviors, in the following areas:

  • Circular Economy - resource and waste management, smart water management.
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility -transport modes, parking, electric mobility, batteries charging innovative solutions, sharing systems (carpooling, carsharing and bikesharing).
  • Energy - smart grids, smart meters, intelligent street lighting systems.
  • Buildings - zero emissions, passive houses, renewable energy sources.

This meeting was part of the initiatives of the Bilateral Relations Fund, between the Operator of the Programme “Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy” (Environment Programme) and its Donor Programme Partner, Innovation Norway.

The Environment Programme is a financing instrument for the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (MFEEE 2014-2021) with a total allocation of more than 28 million euros, of which 4.2 million are from national allocation.

 You may check the Matchmaking presentations here.