"Mafra Reciclar a Valer +": 12 machines are already available

The MAFRA Reciclar a Valer + project, led by the Municipality of Mafra since April 27, has 12 packaging collection solutions accessible to all citizens

The objective of the project is to contribute to a greater participation of citizens in the recycling process, directly rewarding them when depositing aluminum and PET plastic packages up to 3 liters. The selective deposition of these packages facilitates their separation, increasing the quality of the materials, enhancing their recycling.

With this solution, citizens will be awarded for the delivery of PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans according to their volume with 0.02 € for packages below 0.50 liters and 0.05 € for packages above 0.50 liters and up to 3 liters.

This equipment is in 6 schools in the municipality of Mafra and distributed by a total of 6 Lidl, Minipreço and Pingo Doce stores. The project will make it possible to test the functioning of the incentive system, contributing to increase knowledge about it and prepare the country for the implementation of the deposit system, mandatory from January 2022.

Find out more information on the website project and on the EEA Grants website.