"Mafra Recycle for Real +": Final Event

Contribute to a greater participation of citizens in the recycling process, rewarding them directly when they deposit aluminum and PET plastic containers up to 3 liters. It is based on this premise that has been developed the project "Mafra Recycle for Real +", a living laboratory of incentive systems, which culminated with the holding of an event at the Ecological and Intermodal Park of Venda do Pinheiro.

The event marked the end of this project, which received 756,000 euros in funding from the Environment Program of the EEA Grants Portugal, the Multiannual Financial Mechanism between the European Economic Area and Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. The initiative brought together representatives of the partner entities that made an assessment of the project and presented results: more than 2.5 million packages collected, corresponding to more than 71 tons of material for recycling.

Since April 27, 2021, 12 empty beverage packaging collection solutions are available, under the 'MAFRA Recycling worth more' project, promoted by the Mafra Municipality. With this initiative, it was also intended to remember that the existing machines in the Mafra Municipality will continue to serve the population: Elementary School Artur Patrocínio - Azueira; Elementary School of São Miguel do Milharado; Elementary School n. Primary School of the parishes of Igreja Nova and Cheleiros; Primary School of the parish of Santo Isidoro; and Primary School of the parish of Encarnação; Lidl Stores of Mafra, Ericeira and Malveira; Pingo Doce Stores of Mafra and Malveira; and Minipreço of Ericeira.

As a way of "awakening" the population to the issue, during this period, awareness-raising campaigns were developed in schools, awareness-raising actions in retail stores and surveys were carried out at events, developed by the Instituto Superior Técnico.

For the next school year 2022/ 2023, an inter-school championship is scheduled to take place, developed by Tratolixo, with the support of the Municipality, among the schools where there are machines, and the one with the best results will be awarded (more information to be made available soon).

The defense of the environment is everyone's responsibility! Participate, delivering your packages to our machines.
Recycle for yourself, for the environment and for a more circular economy!

MAFRA Recycle for Real
In addition to the Mafra City Council, the project also includes the participation of Electrão and Novo Verde, packaging waste management entities that helped implement the collection equipment in the Municipality, Tratolixo, where the waste collected in the various machines provided is sent, and the Instituto Superior Técnico and 3drivers that supported the monitoring and evaluation of this solution.

More information at www.cm-mafra.pt/p/mafrareciclaravalermais