Municipality of Arganil promotes photography contest «À Beira do Ceira@Arganil»

Municipality of Arganil promotes photography contest «À Beira do Ceira@Arganil»

The Municipality of Arganil promotes, until the 30th of September, the digital photography contest «à Beira do Ceira@Arganil»

The initiative aims to challenge the community to look at, explore and revisit the municipality's natural heritage, inviting people to share photographs that have the Ceira as a backdrop, more specifically the path of the river located in the municipality of Arganil.

The Ceira river rises in the Serra do Açor and goes on its way to the river Mondego, through the parish of Piódão (Malhada Chã) and the Parishes of Cepos and Teixeira (Casal Novo). The clear and fresh waters of the leisure areas of Poço da Cesta and Malhada Chã, surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape, become very photogenic and sought after by locals and visitors, especially during the summer months.

Photographs that highlight the natural and socio-cultural heritage of the Ceira river in the municipality of Arganil will be valued, including ecosystems, cultural and leisure activities, as well as hydraulic and sociocultural infrastructure, such as water mills.

Photographs must be sent by the 30th of September to the email address, accompanied by the completed registration form.

They will be submitted to the appreciation of the followers of the social networks of the Municipality of Arganil (Facebook and Instagram) and the five photographs that gather the most likes will pass to the final stage, being evaluated by the competition jury, composed of a representative of the Municipality of Arganil, a representative of the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Coimbra and a representative of the Portuguese Environment Agency.

The three winning photos will be awarded:

1st Prize: Voucher for 1 night stay (2 pax) at Casas da Serra do Açor, Casal Novo – Arganil.

2nd Prize: Meal voucher (2pax) at the “O Miradouro” restaurant, Cepos – Arganil.

3rd Prize: “Tradições de Cá” basket, with local products.

This initiative is promoted by the Municipality of Arganil as part of the project “Management of the Ceira River Basin in the face of Climate Change”. The project is financed by the EEA Grants Program, through the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, promoted by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) and has as partners the Intermunicipal Community of the Region of Coimbra, the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection (DSB – Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) and the Municipalities of Arganil, Góis, Lousã and Pampilhosa da Serra.