Municipality of Santana receives several initiatives within the scope of the "Biosphere Reserves" Project

Municipality of Santana receives several initiatives within the scope of the

The project "Biosphere Reserves: Sustainable Territories, Resilient Communities" was in Santana for a series of activities related to the theme. The program included collecting memories from the population residing in this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, an awareness-raising action, and a workshop.

The activities began with two field visits, for a recognition of the general characteristics of the parishes, and the core area of ​​this Reserve.

The Salão Nobre of the Municipality of Santana hosted a public session on the project, as well as three participatory activities focused on the ecosystem services of the Santana Biosphere Reserve: a collaborative workshop with local entities, an awareness action to train children in a playful way and interactive and a conversation with the local population about their perceptions of key ecosystem services and their mapping, according to individual knowledge about the territory.

The project's Public Session was attended by the project's general coordinator, António Abreu, the Mayor of Santana, Dinarte Fernandes, Professor Helena Freitas, from the University of Coimbra and Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair in Biodiversity and Conservation for the Sustainable Development, with Professor Fernanda Rollo, from FCSH-NOVA and researcher at HTC - History, Territory and Communities, Susana Fontinha, from the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change of the Azores, Clara Luxo from the Pedro Nunes Institute and also by video call, Susana Escária, Secretary-General for the Environment and Climate Change, and Anabela Trindade, President of the National MaB Committee.