"Para cá do Marão, embalagens, não!" develops activities dedicated to the circular economy of cigarette butts

The operational team of the project "Para cá do Marão, embalagens, não!", in close collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Team Innovate for Success (EMIS), prepared a set of activities for the school public with the circular economy theme and the 5 R's policy - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink and Recycle.

In this sense, the Environment Division, in partnership with the EMIS team, debuted, on May 6, the activity "How many tips do you count?" dedicated to the circular economy of cigarette butts, focusing on the legislation that provides for the fight against cigarette waste on public roads.

In this activity, after an explanation of the harmful effects of tobacco on individual and public health, the harmful impact of its waste on the environment, as well as the circular potential of cigarette butts as a raw material, the students were challenged to, in 20 minutes, collect as many cigarette butts as possible in the surroundings of their school. This action resulted in the collection of about 3000 units.
This initiative occurred under the project "Para cá do Marão embalagens não!" and its mission for Environmental Education, and its main goal is to call the youth population to rethink their daily habits and reflect on their contribution to the planet's ecological footprint.

The project "Para cá do Marão embalagens não!" is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through EEA Grants and by the General Secretary of the Environment.